Welcome to Wellbeingreminder System.

Our service provides “mental energy” for your body.

Our service will send you an email every 3 days continuously and regularly to remind you about well-being life. The main content of reminder is collection of quotes and affirmations on well-being topic. Quotes and affirmations contain topics such as happiness, love, self-improvement, health, success … With this system, your mental will be fed with positive energy continuously and regularly; therefore your mental will be maintained at a better balance and get improved day by day.

use every second of your life

watching how time is passing by

you better use every second of life

and fight and try

until success



Let’s analysis what are the special points of this system.

First of all, we talk about the hierarchy of human needs, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

 First of all, we talk about hierarchy of human needs, Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. According to Maslow, basically, human needs are divided into two main groups: basic needs and meta needs. Basic needs are demands related to physical needs of human such as the need to have enough water, food, sleep, security, employment… Needs at a higher level than basic needs are called meta needs. These needs include many mental factors like demand of fairness, safety, happiness, social status, love, friendship, respect, esteem, freedom, self-actualization…
Every day, basic needs are required for living and working. However, meta needs are not fully met at every time. You sometimes forget your meta needs when you focus chasing on your basic needs. Day by day, confidence, freedom, passion pursuit and happiness, … are steadily declined in your body.
Wellbeingreminder system will remind you of these meta needs. The system will help to revive and increase your mental energy for a better state.

Secondly, we talk about Kaizen method.

Kaizen, which means “change for the better”, is a Japanese method that refers to continuous development. In business, Kaizen refers to activities that continually improve all functions and involves all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. Wellbeingreminder system uses this business though to provide positive energy regularly and continuously. This is an important thing to maintain a balanced and stable mental state. You can read a good book or take a self-development course and then realize that your positive energy just increases much better. But after a while when you don’t focus on it, your mental energy decreases to level at the beginning.

Wellbeingreminder creates stability and steady development in your positive energy state. By sending the reminder regularly, the system still notifies you even if you don’t pay attention.

Sometimes, the reminder received is exactly what you need the most at that time.

What are the reminder tools?

There are many methods to enhance well-being and lead your mentality to a positive state. Here, we use a simple but very powerful tool. They are positive quotes and affirmations.

We all know that quotes and affirmations function extremely well on thought and action. Those are great motivational tools. The specialty of Wellbeingreminder system is to use quotes and affirmations of the same topic at the same time; therefore, the efficiency is increased much higher. It makes connection between you and wise people who say the quotes. You will feel the connection with positive energy.

About quotes and affirmations, you can easily find these on Internet. With Wellbeingreminder, we just find the method to combine them to enhance the effect. We don’t create the quotes and affirmations, we create the service.

We build a system to remind you about well-being life regularly and continuously.

Please check a sample of the reminder at the bottom.

Why email in a cycle of 3 days?

Because if we send day by day, you will get too much information. Your brain and mental can probably get saturated. It is same as your body which won’t feel well if taking too much food. The cycle between 5 days to 1 week is quite long for your morale and mental to maintain the best positive state. So, 3 days is the appropriate cycle. Not too little, not too much, just enough is the best.

How much is this service?

Let’s think about how much you spend for daily basic needs? And if there’s an available automatic system that frequently helps to maintain and develop for your mentality with positive energy, then how much will you spend?
With Wellbeingreminder service, the fixed fee is $49 / 3 months (approximately $16/ month).

You don’t pay for the content of quotes and affirmations. You pay for the regular, continuous reminder system. You pay and our service remind you for a better well-being life.

We will give you a free trial in 21 days. After finishing the trial, we will send you the link of subscription page, then you can buy a full service in 3 months.

You can check the link of for 21 days trial service here: https://wellbeingreminder.net/trial21


Weekly, we will send you good news of the week. Why good news? Because daily you read a lot of information about politics, conflict, killing, victims… Hence, providing good news will remind you that this world still have a lot of beautiful things around us.

Monthly, we will send you a special report about health and self-development. Pretty reports and useful contents will be designed for each well-being topic.

That’s we have with WellbeingReminder System.

Now you can check a reminder sample with quotes and affirmations here: 

Sample quotes & affirmations: FOCUS.

And register with free trial of 21 days service, here:


Thank you.