Woman leaves adorable note and free wipes on public baby changing table

A woman’s kind gesture has gone viral after she decided to leave a note and free baby wipes for other mothers on a public changing room table in a restaurant.

Tiffany Daniels discovered the kind gesture when she visited a Chili’s chain restaurant in Hermitage, Tennessee, on Saturday.

During the visit, she brought her young daughter to the bathroom to change her diaper only to discover the free wipes left behind by another woman.

Discovery: A woman named Tiffany Daniels took her daughter into a Chili’s restaurant bathroom in Hermitage, Tennessee, on Sunday when she discovered a note
Sharing with others: The note was with a package of free baby wipes. A gesture Tiffany decided to share on social media

‘I opened the changing table and I always clean it before I use it and they were laying on the table,’ Tiffany toldĀ Good Morning America.

Initially, Tiffany confessed to first thinking a mother left behind the wipes on accident.

But then she described the note stating otherwise.

‘Hey there mom! We’ve all been there…ran out of wipes or even forgot them,’ the note read.

‘If that’s you today, we hope this helps! Take what you need and leave the rest! Remember you’re awesome!’

Tiffany was touched by the thoughtful idea left behind on the diaper changing table.

She then decided to share a picture of the kind gesture on a Facebook page.

‘I went to Chili’s in Hermitage today and took my daughter to the restroom to change her and once I opened the changing table this was there,’ Tiffany rote on the Facebook page Hip Hermitage.

Surprised: ‘I opened the changing table and I always clean it before I use it and they were laying on the table,’ Tiffany said

She continued: ‘Although I didn’t need them it warmed my heart to see this act of kindness. Very Hip! It made my day so I could only imagine how it could make another momma feel if she did need them at the time.’

Touched: Although Tiffany did not need the wipes left behind, she was pleased by the thoughtful gesture. She eventually found the woman who did it after sharing it on Facebook

People commented on the post expressing how much they loved the thoughtful gesture made by the anonymous woman.

‘Potty training for us took ages and I was caught without wipes an embarrassing number of times. This is truly a blessing,’ one commenter wrote on the post.

Another person said: ‘Little things like this can make everyone a hero… Just smile at someone and you never know, it might have saved their life if that person was suicidal. Be a hero everyday.’

Tiffany has since discovered the woman who decided to leave the wipes behind for other women.

‘Every year for her birthday she does acts of kindness of every year, so for example if she’s 30 then she would do 30 things in a year,’ Tiffany explained.

She expressed how nice it was to see a ‘positive thing’ going on in the world.


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